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The Project

COMPASS is an initiative born from the need identified in all partner countries to motivate older learners to take a more active part in lifelong learning. In our current globalized world foreign languages are an essential vehicle to ensure communication among societies. In parallel, it is of human nature to feel identified and represented by a culture, a society, a community; these define our values, beliefs and way of relating to the others and the world. Being able to express such identifications by story-telling and creating of narratives in foreign languages is indeed a source of motivation and inspiration.

As an educator, the COMPASS project will help you combine cultural heritage with foreign language learning in a very creative way and with a CLIL approach. You will learn how to embed digital practices in your educational activities, experiment with cultural narratives in our digital books and find out about cultural heritage sites thanks to our geocaching routes!

COMPASS materials will help you extend your professional competences and be more able to motivate older people to engage in lifelong learning.

Drittes transnationales Treffen: Reus (Spanien)


Online Kick-off meeting: January 2021
Second Transnational meeting: Ogre (Latvia)
Third Transnational Meeting: Reus (Spain)
Learning and Training Activity: Cori (Italy)
Fourth Transnational Meeting: Rijeka (Croatia)
Fifth Transnational Meeting: Aveiro, (Portugal)
Multiplier events: Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Croatia


The tool bank will include the practical examples of CLIL activities ready to be deployed by adult educators. These will be activities which will combine cultural heritage background and items to teach foreign languages. As such, it will become a great means to extend professional competences of adult educators in order to provide them with the necessary knowledge to improve language and intercultural skills of their adult learners and trigger their motivation to learn.

Expected in November 2021


If you are an educator working with older adults learning foreign languages, have a look at our new and innovative course “Cultural Narratives as a motivational trigger for learning in older learners”and learn everything you need to exploit cultural narrative and story-telling as a motivational trigger to engage older learners in lifelong learning.

Take advantage of everything EU cultural heritage has to offer to keep your language students motivated with a CLIL approach! Learn how to activate your learners’ creativity and self-expression by creating safe learning environments where they will be able to share their life-stories and cultural narratives.


Expected in August 2022


Constructing Identity through Cultural memory

Only if you are familiar with the topic and you have gone through the course materials, you are ready to start experimenting with cultural narratives!

Adults involved in COMPASS training activities have developed a Digital Book through a collaborative process in their local communities collecting and sharing knowledge and information about tangible and intangible culture elements in their communities and creating cultural narratives that will make all of us feel identified with the EU society.

These books will not only reflect the way older people relate and identify themselves with the cultural heritage of their communities but also serve as a practical tool for language learning.

Expected in February 2023

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Have a look at our virtual geocaching cultural routes to discover European Cultural Heritage through the usage of fun digital technologies. Thanks to dynamical quests, quizzes, QR codes, digital maps and a multi-player chat-bot-based channel, you will be able to visit Europe from your home.

Cultural Heritage sites have never been more accessible to all. Ready for some new experiences?

Expected in August 2023


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